Touch:See:Hear – Demo 1

Through developing a series of ‘demo’ sketches in openFrameworks I’ve been:

  • initially investigating the LEVEL Centre media room’s current infrastructure of four projectors, four wall mounted speakers, traditional stage lighting of spots and floods and wired and wireless Intranet;
  • and testing various hardware configurations to optimise for video + audio;
  • as well as ‘rapid prototyping’ creative ideas – often integrating additional functionality available through oF add ons – to try and realise immersive, 360 degree panoramas across the four screens, spatialised quad audio and a series of input interfaces to control the audiovisual output.


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A brief conversation with Gawain Hewitt…

Having attended the the Drake Music Innovation Lab North at MadLab on 26th October ’15, I thought I’d touch base with Gawain Hewitt, Associate National Manager – Research and Development at Drake Music and seek his input. A brief conversation with Gawain (he was on a train at the time!) in mid-January ’16  pointed me towards some contemporary research and development in the field that I wasn’t previously aware of as well as offering some general food for thought.

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Project Concepts

From Lewis’ summary of a telephone discussion with Andy Williams in early October 2015 (following an introduction by Dr. Toby Heys and a couple of subsequent email exchanges). Although too extensive to include in much detail within the final proposal submitted to the AHRC, it outlines a shared understanding and ‘broad brushstroke’ working approach to the project overall.

Touch: See: Hear – A Multi-Sensory Instrument for Learning Disabled Adults – Project Concepts

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